About Us

Huntersbest Labradors is a Professional Training, Breeding and Boarding facility located on 70 acres in Newport, NS, Canada. We are Permanently Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and have been operating since 1990.

Our training program is open to all Retriever breeds. Training programs are customized to individual dogs in order to achieve the owners training goals for their dogs.

The goal of our Breeding Program is to produce good looking, intelligent and genetically clean Labrador Retrievers that carry on the breed’s hunting instinct. We achieve our breeding goals by line breeding and by select outcrosses to other outstanding performers. All our females are hunting dogs and will not be bred without having proven their abilities by attaining titles in Working Certificate Tests, Hunt Tests or Field Trials. Our litters are usually limited to two per year. We research potential stud dogs very thoroughly to ensure they are genetically clean and carry traits that will match up well with our females to produce the best quality pups possible. As with our females, the stud dogs we choose are all proven hunters and have obtained working titles or distinctions.

We currently have two dogs at the kennel in our breeding program, Huntersbest Sister Golden Hair JH QFTR “Dahlia” (YLF) and Huntersbest No Quarter JH “Zeeva” (CLF). We also have six dogs currently undergoing training in our Started Dog program, The South’s Hot Dog “Tiger” (BLF), AJTop Maritime Cruisin Shine “Cruz” (BLM), HB Ground Control To Major Tom “Major” (BLM), Billie Is A Southern Belle “Billie” (BLF), Huntersbest Houses Of The Holy “Preacher” (CLM), and Southrocks Beau Val “Beau” (YLM.)

For further information on our training, our litters, our boarding, or our started dogs, please contact us at huntersbest@outlook.com or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/huntersbestlabs

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Huntersbest Labradors - Don Gillingham
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Newport, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0N 2A0
Tel.: 902-757-0543
Email: huntersbest@outlook.com
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